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Sports Activity Safety "Prep-list"

  • Always warm up prior to physical activities. The increase in temperature makes the targeted muscles more flexible.
  • Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after vigorous activities.
  • Cooling down after intense physical activity is important. The slow winding down helps lessen stiffness and soreness felt in muscles.
  • Avoid alcohol - It causes dehydration.
  • Dress in light, loose fitting clothing.
  • Know the rules of your sport. Understanding how the sport is played can prevent injuries.
  • Inspect the play area and equipment for hazards. Check the playing area for uneven surfaces and obstructions. Examine the equipment to ensure proper working condition.
  • Use the necessary personal protective equipment. Protective equipment. it must be properly adjusted and in good working condition to be effective.
  • Use a good sunscreen to protect your skin and don’t overexpose your body to the sunlight.